Ferry Tema Atmaja, Lizar Alfansi, Fachri Eka Saputra


The objective of the study is to investigate the inter-relationship between service culture, service orientation and service innovation in the small-medium enterprises (SMEs) in the city of Bengkulu, Indonesia. A sample of 300 small-medium enterprises in the service industry in the city was employed in the study. Mediated regression analysis was applied to the dataset to examine the proposed model. The result of the study reveals that service culture has a positive effect on service orientation and service innovation of the small-medium enterprises. The study also concludes that service orientation is indeed mediating the relationship between service culture and service innovation. Thus, in implementing a service innovation strategy, small-medium enterprises should build strong service orientation and service culture.

Keywords: 1 Service Orientation · 2 Service Culture · 3 Service Innovation, SMEs.

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