Bonifasius Aprilianto Simatupang, Gabriella Felistyani Gunarso, Antonius Diksa Kuntara


This study aims to determine the application of Microsoft Access-based accounting software on six Catholic Church’s Parishes in Yogyakarta. The study is qualitative and the data were collected using interview and documentation method. The analysis used in this research covers the data reduction, data display, data verification, and conclusion.  Based on the analysis, the study found three findings in three different contexts. In the environmental context, the implementation of the software is not uniform. This is caused by the Archdiocese of Semarang as the head principle of the Catholic Church’s Parishes being studied, has not required all parishes to implement the software. In the organizational context, the six parishes were encouraged by head priest to implement the software. By using the software, the priest as the head of the parish can easily check the activity of each work team. Lastly, based on technological context, the user can get two benefits of using the software: first, the head of the parish can control and measure the performance of each work team in the organization and second, the user can get a detailed, cleared, and communicative financial report. The study then proposes three recommendations related to implementation of the system. Firstly, Archdiocese of Semarang has to make a stronger encouragement related to the use of the software, especially to parishes in the highlands and coastal area. Secondly, archdiocese should provide further training fully and is conducted slowly. The training mentioned is best carried out routinely during a certain time period. Thirdly, the head priest of the parish has to choose a competent church treasurer. This should be done to minimize obstacles in the preparation of church’s financial reports. These recommendations can positively give impact to the use of Microsoft Access-based accounting software to enhance the accountability of the Catholic Church’s parishes.


Keywords: 1 Microsoft Access · 2  Accounting Sofware · 3  Catholic Church · 4  Yogyakarta Indonesia

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