Gilang Ade Irawan, Dwita Darmawati, Ade Irma Anggraeni


Regarding the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Growth and role of technology can't be avoided and the industry is increasing rapidly. Therefore, companies need to support employees in improving performance in the company's business changes. Based on these considerations, Perceived Supervisor Support is a real supporting demand for employees to develop themselves. Self-Efficacy of employees is the main factor in self-development in company changes as an entity of Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) toward the era of the industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). This paper analyzes the role of perceived supervisor support in enhancing Self-Efficacy to develop-himself (OCB) in the context of Rural Banks. This research was conducted on BPR BKK Mandiraja as the empowerment of small-and-medium enterprises in Central Java, Indonesia.


Keywords: Industry 4.0, Perceived Supervisor Support, Self Development, Organizational Citizenship Behaviour, and Self Efficacy.

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