Yiska Dwi Anggraini, Suliyanto Suliyanto, Refius Pradipta Setyanto


AIA insurance products is one product that contributes most to the BCA, therefore each BCA branch office has a target in achieving the AIA insurance. BCA KCP Ajibarang so far has never been the best Sub-Branch Office because it has not yet achieved the targeted AIA insurance sales performance. This is possible because each prospective customer has different beliefs about AIA BCA life insurance, which in turn will determine the attitude of the prospective customer to the AIA BCA life insurance purchase decision. Therefore the purpose of this study is to analyze the relationship between credibility and service quality and the effect of self-interest in moderating the credibility and quality of service for AIA BCA life insurance purchasing decisions. This research is quantitative research and classified into associative research. The variables used in this study are: (a) Credibility, (b) Service quality, (c) Self-interest, (d) Purchasing decisions. This research method is a survey with samples of BCA KCP Ajibarang customers who do not have AIA BCA life insurance. The number of samples in this study were 50 samples with the sampling method used was non-probability sampling with purposive sampling technique. The results of this study are that the credibility of AIA BCA life insurance employees has a positive effect on the purchasing decisions of AIA BCA life insurance. The higher the credibility, the higher the purchase decision of AIA BCA life insurance, on the contrary if the credibility goes down, the decision to purchase AIA BCA life insurance will decrease.


Keywords: credibility, service quality, self-interest, purchasing decisione

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