Syamsiah Nugraheni


Abstract. Universitas Wijayakusuma (UNWIKU) is one of the best private universities in Purwokerto, Central Java. Established in 1980, Universitas Wijayakusuma has maintained its good reputation until now–even though it took a quite long time compared to other private univesities–which is why it is very interesting to study, especially in marketing field. Therefore, this research focuses onfinding out what kind of corporate branding strategy they used and how they implemented it.

This is a qualitative research. The informants were college students as consumers and also parents and the last grade students of high school, and–of course–the rector who credibly knows the whole vision, mission, and corporate brand strategy of Universitas Wijayakusuma.

The results shows that the corporate brand’s elements and positive feedbacks from society towards Universitas Wijayakusuma contributed in giving great impacts and, thus, supporting the university to reach the vision and mission at its best even until now.



Keywords: Universitas Wijayakusuma, corporate brand

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