Analisis Pengembangan Usaha UKM Setelah Mendapatkan Modal Usaha Ekonomi Produktif di Kabupaten Tegal

Oke Setiarso


This research is proposed to analyze the results of The Development Programme of Business Productives to support the Small and Medium Business Development of Tegal Regency. It is the descriptive-comparative research. The methodology used in this research is survey to collect information from the primary data, such as the development difficulties of Small and Medium Business, before and after getting support from the  programme.   This analysis shows that The Development Programme of The Business Productives for The Small and Medium Business in generally used to influent financial perspective, members, and markets servicing perspective. However, there is no influence either organization perspective or partnership perspective of  the cooperation development.



Keywords: The Development Programme of Business Productives, Cooporation, The Cooperations, Development Ladder Assesment (DLA)



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