Preferensi Masyarakat Lokal Pada Pengembangan Wisata Curug Cipendok

Abdul Aziz Ahmad, Emmy Saraswati


This study tried to research some constraints and future prospects of developing the Cipendok Waterfall Tourist Area, and also to find out any economies potencies of the area to increase local community economic welfare that lived in around of the forest location. This study focused on analyzing of local community preferences on government effort that develop the tourism object. To analyze and solve, this research used two analytical tools. There are preference analyses on local participant of Cipendok Waterfall development, and SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analyses. On local community perspective, Cipendok Waterfall development had positive effect to them, though the effect was indirectly. The community had perception more that the area developments tended to increase local employment. Nonetheless, in recent years the community believed that the efforts to develop the area tended to decrease. It was identified from the community perception that the tourism area condition was unchanged significantly, and even tend to deteriorate. From SWOT consideration, one of strength factors was local communities had a mind to participate actively to develop Cipendok Tourism Area. However they considered that improper of infrastructure conditions had hampered it. They hoped that local government will intensify the tourism expansion by building tourism village programs and increase tourism development by using horticulture base approach. Also they wanted to belong in animal husbandry program, in partnership program with private sectors, also to create village building, and established in livestock cooperation.


Keywords: Cipendok Waterfall, local community, tourism



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