Oke Setiarso, Goro Binarjo, Dedy Supriyadi, Sudjarwanto Sudjarwanto


This research was aimed to identified potencial on the duck farmers in Brebes Subdistrict in Brebes Regency.The purposes of this research are to know the Characteristict, The Conditions of Economic and Socially and Institutional of the duck farmers.The research method was surveyed  with used stratified of simple random sampling to select 52 respondents.Primary and secondary data were obtainted by interviewing and recording then analysed by Return and Cost, Payback Period, Break Event Point,Profitability,Rentability dan Return on Investment analysed. Result showed that the scale layer duck farmers have experiences for a long time,more benefit and efficiency level of the duck farmers is between 1,1 until 2; Payback period average o fthe layer duck farmers was less time periode ( 1 years) ; BEP income, production, prices,duck eggs achieved on profitability and efficiency ; Profitability and Return on Investment more than the deposite interest rates ; Generally of the duck farmers still did not have Economic Institutions or Corporations. The Conclusion of this research is the duck farmers in Brebes Subdistrict is worth to developed and to empowerment.

Keywords: duck, profit, efficiency, break even point, corporations

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