Vol 16, No 1 (2021)

This issue has been available online since March, 2021 for the regular issue of September Vol 16 (1) 2021. All articles in this issue (7 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by authors from Indonesia

Table of Contents


The Influence of Economic Development on the Wetland Conversion in Java-Bali PDF
Wahyu Hidayati, Ihda Arifin Faiz
Spatial Autoregressive Model and Spatial Patterns of Poverty In Lampung Province PDF
Ahmad Dhea Pratama, I Wayan Suparta, Ukhti Ciptawaty
The Effect of Average Length of Schooling, Life Expectancy and Economic Growth on Poverty in Banjarnegara Regency 2005-2019 PDF
Sri Sudaryati, Abdul Aziz Ahmad, Suprapto Suprapto
The Impact of Transformation of Social Assistance on Financial Inclusion and Welfare of Beneficiary Families PDF
Arief Fajar Firmansyah, Suharno Suharno, Arintoko Arintoko
Does Monetary Compensation During Railway Construction Make Households Better-Off? PDF
Janathin Saraswati, Dijan Rahajuni, Muhammad Farid Alfarisy
Determinants of Big and Medium Industrial Manufacturing Agglomeration in West Java Province PDF
Nur Annisa Karima, Lilis Siti Badriah, Diah Setyorini Gunawan
Social and Economic Factors Determining the Unemployment Rate in the Bregasmalang Region 2010-2020 PDF
Rima Eka Kurnia, Yustirania Septiani

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