Vol 19, No 1 (2024)

This issue has been available online since March, 2024 for the regular issue of March Vol 19 (1) 2024. All articles in this issue (9 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by authors from 2 Countries (Ethiopia & Indonesia)

Table of Contents


Consumer Preference for Mid-Cost Housing Based on Their Social Stratification in Special Region of Yogyakarta 1-10 PDF
Wahyu Hidayati, Bagaskara Bagas
Panel Seemingly Unrelated Regression on Employment in Tourism Sector: Evidence in Central Java Province 11-19 PDF
Dindha Uswatun Khasanah, Mahrus Lutfi Adi Kurniawan
The Impact of Socioeconomic Status on the Subjective Well-Being of Indonesian Households 20-31 PDF
Moh. Athoillah, Nailul Alvi Muharromah
Does Government Fragmentation and Fiscal Decentralization Constrain Leviathan? New Evidence From Indonesia Experience 32-41 PDF
Aan Zulyanto, Lilis Siti Badriah
Investigating the Effects of Minimum Wage and Non-compliance on Formal Employment: Evidence in Java Island 42-53 PDF
Mutiara Gita Fadhilah, Arie Damayanti
Fiscal Determinants Of Stress In The Maluku Islands Region 54-63 PDF
Izaac Tonny Matitaputty
Dominant Forms of Livelihood Adaptation and Key Constraints in Mantuil Village, Banjarmasin City 64-82 PDF
Mizan Ikhlasul Rahman, Septy Maulidyawati
Integrated Interaction Between Tourism, Economy, and Ecology in Indonesia: Coupling Coordination Degree Method 84-97 PDF
Raudlatul Faizah, Deni Kusumawardani
Monitoring Urban Growth: The Case of Burayu Town, Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia 98-107 PDF
Birhanu Girma Abebe, Bedane Shata Gemeda, Agemasie Gebeyehu Amare

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