The Role Of Government Support In The Enhancement Of Financial Ability And Technology Ability On Smes Financial Performance

Dyah Putri Mahasari, Liana Mangifera


This study was run on purpose to help determining the influence of financial capability, technological capability on the performance of MSMEs, and government support as a mediating variable. The method applied is using quantitative methods through primary data. Data was collected through offline surveys which were distributed to respondents, then used for statistical tests. The sample of this research is Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises which have received assistance from the government in Sukoharjo district, by taking samples using random sampling technique. Respondents were 200 SMEs from the trade, service and processing sectors. In this study the tool used to analyze is the SEM-PLS in the help of SMART PLS 3 software.

Keywords: Government Support, Financial Capability, Technological Capability, and Financial Performance.

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