Implementation Analysis Of The Out-Of-School Children Handling Program In Kembangan Village, Bukateja Sub District, Purbalingga District, Central Java Province

Subeno Subeno, Suharno Suharno, Bambang Agus Pramuka


The Village SDGs program is a national program adopted from the global SDGs to build a progressive and sustainable Indonesia starting from the village. To achieve the success of the 18 Village MDGs, Indonesia has developed 8 programs in strategic areas, namely poverty and hunger management, economy, health, environment, education, gender, networking, and cultural development. In the education sector, UNICEF has carried out a supporting program through the non-school children handling program (ATS) through assistance in handling piloting villages, one of which is in Kembangan Village, Bukateja District, Purbalingga Regency, Central Java. The handling of this program has a clear scheme because it goes through structured stages starting from Socialization, Training, Data Collection, Return, and Assistance. It is hoped that the success of the ATS management program will have a multiplayer effect in improving the quality of human resources, to increase the Human Development Index in the Village. This research is policy research with an evaluation research approach. The analysis uses descriptive analysis by photographing policy potentials and problems, policy agendas, policymakers, policy formulations, as well as policy outputs and impacts. The results of this study indicate that the policy for handling ATS in a structured, programmed, and coordinated manner is a pattern of policy implementation that needs to be continuously improved to obtain optimum results.

Keywords: ATS, Unicef, SDGs, HDI.

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