Analysis Of The Influence Of Tobacco Plantation Land, Tobacco Production, And Tobacco Exports On Tobacco Excise Revenue For The State Of Indonesia 2009-2018

Salmaaa Erini Putri, Muh. Farid Al Farisyi, Suharno Suharno


Tobacco excise revenue plays an important role in a country's economy. Excise is one of the main sources of revenue for the government, which is used to finance various public programs and services, such as infrastructure, education and health. Tobacco excise revenue is influenced by several factors including the area of tobacco plantations, tobacco production, and tobacco exports. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of these three factors on tobacco excise revenue.

The data taken is the overall data in Indonesia. The type of data used in this study is secondary data so that data collection is carried out through intermediary media or obtained and recorded by other parties. The analytical method used is multiple analysis of time series data.

The results of this study indicate that the area of tobacco plantations has a positive and significant effect on Indonesia's tobacco excise revenue in 2009-2018, while the variables of tobacco production and exports have a negative effect on Indonesia's tobacco excise revenue in 2009-2018.

The implications of this research for the government are expected to increase tobacco excise revenue but still pay attention to the impact of tobacco and improve social welfare.


Keywords: : Tobacco Excise, Tobacco Plantation, Tobacco Export, Tobacco Production.

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