Enhancing the Entrepreneurial Finance on SMEs during COVID-19 Crisis

Intan Shaferi, Muliasari Pinilih


The existence of SMEs is a distinct advantage in the economy. A country with SMEs embedded in it has its own economic dynamics because it is independent and creative and provides opportunities to advance the welfare of life. The extraordinary benefits of SMEs are highly concerned where entrepreneurial finance is a necessity. The crisis experienced due to Covid-19 is a shock to SMEs. The need for funding sources is a thought that needs to be given a middle way to encourage SMEs to break of their worries about the crisis conditions due to Covid-19. So what should be paid attention is that the increase in financial resources will provide a support to rise from crisis conditions.

This study discusses enhancing funds attached to entrepreneurial finance due to the presence of Covid-19. The study was conducted on 30 production SMEs. The research method uses descriptive and quantitative. The results contributed to supporting funding solutions for SMEs during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Keywords: entrepreneurial finance, funding, SMEs, crisis, Covid-19.

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