The Effect of Greenwashing on Switching Intention with Green Perceived Risk as a Moderation Variable (Study of Plant Bottle Coca Cola consumers in Indonesia)

Meliyana Rizki Prabaningrum, Suliyanto Suliyanto, Refius Pradipta Setyanto


Environmental issues are becoming very popular among consumers around the world and have become a popular topic for research among the industrial sector. With the increasing consumer interest in environmentally friendly products, causing manufacturers to strive to market environmentally friendly products, one of the marketing strategies known as Green Marketing. One product that uses Green Marketing is Coca Cola. Coca Cola with Plant Bottle packaging causes a different perception in the eyes of consumers who consider Coca Cola to practice Greenwashing. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of moderation of Green Perceived Risk on Greenwashing and Switching Intention in Coca Cola Plant Bottle consumers. The target population is Coca Cola Plant Bottle consumers in Indonesia, sampling using estimation intervals by taking 100 samples. This study used PLS SEM analysis tool. Results show that green perveived risk has a positively on switching intention and green perceived risk not moderates the relationship between greenwashing and switching intention.

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