The Influence Of The Marketing Mix (4P) On Purchase Decisions At Sawangan I Store, Purwokerto

Siti Andayani


This research is conducted to identify factors that influence purchase decisions at Sawangan Store I which sells various kinds of Banyumas traditional foods (Mendoan, Tempe Kripik, Nopia, Jenang, Fried Gethuk) as well as traditional foods from other regions such as: Bakpia Pathok, MackerelRice Crackers, Brem and others). Causal research is a kind of research whose goal is to obtain evidence regarding causal relationships (Malhotra, 2009). The method used in this study is causal quantitative which consists of validity and reliability The results of this study showed that the factors of prices, promotion, place, people have a significant effect on purchase decisions at Sawangan I Store, Purwokerto.

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