How Service Quality Can Mediate Lifestyle And Location Factors In Property Agent's Purchase Decision?

Nandang Bekti Karnowati, Lusi Suwandari, Reza Rahmadi Hasibuan, Sari Permanik, Tri Yuwono


Several studies have widely discussed lifestyle market segmentation, but many practitioners still question how effectively lifestyle can impact purchasing decisions. Location is also considered the most important factor that consumers consider when buying a residential home. This research aims to identify the influence of lifestyle, location, and service quality on purchasing decisions. Service quality is then used as an intervening variable between the relationship between lifestyle and location on purchasing decisions. The findings show that lifestyle and location partially do not influence purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, service quality has a significant influence on purchasing decisions. Services quality provides full mediation for the relationship between lifestyle and purchasing decisions. However, service quality fails to mediate the relationship between location and purchasing decisions. Property agents need to focus on service quality which can change consumers' factors, namely lifestyle, to influence purchasing decisions

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