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Wiwiek Rabiatul Adawiyah


There is growing attention on the importance of business networks which banks
upon alliances value creation potential in rural entrepreneurship. Establishment
of solid networks with respect to acquiring the resources needed for business
creation is one of the main areas within entrepreneurship research. Despite
substantial literature in rural entrepreneurship, there is an absence of studies
which report the model of business networks. The purpose of this study is to examine
the process of business network development in Banyumas Regency Central Java
Indonesia. For each of the 64 small and medium business entrepreneurs, data were
collected using a questionnaire and an interview. In completing the questionnaire,
the entrepreneurs were asked to fill out personal identity, followed by a series of
multiple-choice questions. For the responses from the interviews, narrative
structuring is used to create a coherent story of the entrepreneurs’ experience of
business networks. The study presents data characterizing the entrepreneurs, their
experience in business networks. The result of the study is multiple perspectives on
the purpose, process, benefits and challenges of developing a business network, and
the impact of participation in a formal business network. The study offers insights
into the development of small business networks by rural entrepreneurs.
Keywords: rural entrepreneurship, business networks, small business

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