Analisis Pengaruh Pendapatan Per Kapita, Tingkat Pengangguran, IPM dan Pertumbuhan Penduduk terhadap Kemiskinan di Jawa Tengah Tahun 2009-2013

Nurul Fadlillah, Agustin Susyatna Dewi, Sukiman Sukiman


Poverty is a problem that cannot be solved in a short time, this is because poverty is a complex problem that is caused from many dimensions (economic dimension, the dimension of education, health, social political dimension, etc). The purpose of this research is to know the influence of variable income per capita, the unemployment rate, the human development index, and population growth against the number of poor population in Central Java. This research used the method of survey and is a descriptive research. Analytical tools used in this research are a model and test panel data regression elasticity. Based on capita income results showed a negative and significant effect against the number of poor population in Central Java, the open unemployment rate is positive and significant effect against the number of poor population in Central Java, the human development index and significant negative effect against the number of poor population in Central Java, and influential population growth is negative but not significant. Of the three variables, which have a significant coefficient of per-capita income is, so the income per capita is the most elastic against poor population. The implications of the above conclusions, to increase the per-capita income one of them by holding the program right on target that operates on the poor through developing a cottage industry. To lower the unemployment rate open one of the efforts that the Government can do that is by lowering the interest rate benchmark, so that hopefully will spur producers to do lending to business expansion. To improve the human development index, the effort can do Government provides services in the education sector for free especially for the poor, while in the field of health can be conducted free health care clinics in particular, reproduce on poor villagers and left behind. As for population growth, although it has no effect against a significant number of inhabitants of the poor, Governments still need to pay attention to the rate of population growth especially in the counties (rural areas).


Keywords:  Poverty, Income Per Capita, Open Unemployment Rate, Human Development Index,

       Population Growth.



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