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Sutarmin Sutarmin, Adi Susanto


Indonesia is a emerging country in Southeast Asia which has very low non-cash payment
rates. The number of non-cash transactions in Indonesia only reached 0.6%, while other
countries such as Thailand have reached 2.8%, Malaysia 7.7% and Singapore reached
44.5%. Bank Indonesia's strategy to accelerate GNNT (Non-Cash National Movement) in
the form of: (1) Establishment of Non-Cash Areas in Campus Environment, (2) Non-Cash
Payment Instruments for Government Financial Services, and (3) Distribution of
Government Social Assistance, has not yet given an optimal contribution to the growth of
non-cash transactions in Indonesia. Therefore it is necessary research that aims to explore
the potential carrying capacity that is able to maximize the Non-Cash National Movement
in Indonesia. Research respondents are banking managers, experts or employees involved
in the implementation of non-cash transaction instrumentation. Method of collecting data
through structured interview. Based on this research, it is found that the implementation of
non-cash movement can be improved by taking into account the potential of carrying
capacity : (1) Speed, (2) Security, (3) Efficiency / Practice, (4) Value of money, and (5)
Government program to formulate Strategy.
Keywords : emerging country, non-cash transactions, carrying capacity, strategy

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