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IdaKetut Kusumawijaya, Partiwi Dwi Astuti


Purpose of this research is study organizational business model based on
knowledge. Method applied in this research is conceptual descriptive approach
with book study. Organizational business model based on knowledge can create
excellence to compete organization through understanding and allocation of
business activity to yield advantage, increases business activity performance,
increases planning and implementation of business activity as according to
organization strategy, increases innovation and excellence of organization future,
holds important role in process of e-business organization. Organizational business
model based on knowledge is emulation area, change of organizational internal
area and development of information technology infrastructure. Area of emulation
stems from the increasing of request in emulation market goblal, what claims
organization is more inovatif and efficient by using information technology in
change speed response of market appetite. Its(the impact there will be organization
internal change of orthogonal transformation of process to and accomodates
business model to maintain organization competitiveness.
Key words : model, business, organization, knowledge

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