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Integrasi Materi Literasi Keuangan Ke Dalam Kurikulum Prod Pendidikan Ekonomi Guna Mensukseskan Cetak Biru Strateg Nasional Literasi Keuangan Indonesia

Sri Lestari, Refius P Setyanto, Aldila Krisnaresanti, Sofiatul Khotimah


This study aims to identify the role ofEconomic Education Department in
the succession of the blueprint of the National Strategy for Literacy Financial
Indonesia, identify the material financial literacy needed by students and SMEs,
identify the instructional materials related to financial literacy, identify the
appropriate learning methods to study the material financial literacy and integrate
the material on related subjects in Economic Education Department in accordance
with the needs of students and SMEs. Data collection techniques used in this study
are open questionnaire, interviews, literature review and focus group discussion.
The results showed that the role of the Economic Education Department in
improving the level of student’s financial literacy is realized by integrating
financial literacy materials into the curriculum and then incorporating personal
financial management into the curriculum. The integration of financial literacy
material into curriculum on Economic Education Department begins with a
curriculum workshop followed by reviews and revision that could ultimately result
in a curriculum that contains materials of financial literacy that has been approved
by LP3M

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