Analisis Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Ketahanan Pangan Rumah Tangga Pembudidaya Ikan Gurami di Desa Beji Banyumas

Sheila Ardilla Yughi


Purposes of this research are to measure the level of food security of carp fish farmers households in Beji Village based on Adequacy Levels of Energy and to analyze the influence of variables such as household income, age of household head, education of household head, business experience, access to credit, dependency ratio, and land cultivation for carp fish farmers household food security in Beji village. Sample in this research is consisting of 110 carp fish farmers’ households in Beji Village. This research used a survey method meanwhile the analysis method used binary logistic regression analysis. The results of the research showed that the total of 77 household were in food insecurity (adequacy level of energy<70%), and 33 household were in food security (adequacy level of energy 70%); the variables that positive affect and significant to carp fish farmers household food security are household income, education of household head, access to credit, as well as cultivated land area, dependency ratio have negative and significant, meanwhile some variables that have no effect to carp fish farmers household food security are age of household head, and business experience.The implication of this research are: the need for awareness and increase knowledge of food and nutrition intensively, such as dissemination by the Department of Health Regency about food diversity and balanced nutrition. Government also should give attention toprovide various training and monitoring to the development of carp cultivation in order  to improve the performance of the carp fish farmers and affect the production increase, income and improve household food security of carp fish farmers, in addition, they needcapital assistance with soft loans.

keywords: household food security, adequacy level of energy, binary logistic regression


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