Focus and Scope

EKO-REGIONAL: Jurnal Pembangunan Ekonomi Wilayah facilitates and encourages high-quality scholarship on important issues in Regional and Development Economics. Our journal publishes significant contributions that are theoretical or empirical, positive or normative. It solicits original papers with a spatial dimension that can be of interest to economists.

EKO-REGIONAL: Jurnal Pembangunan Ekonomi Wilayah publishes research from following topics:

1. Regional Economics & Government Analysis

  • Size and Spatial Distributions of Regional Economic Activity.
  • Regional Economic Activity: Growth, Development, Environmental Issues, and Changes.
  • Econometric and Input–Output Models.
  • Regional Development Planning and Policy.

2. Small and Medium Enterprises

  • Small and Micro Business.
  • Cooperatives.

3. Natural Resources

  • Renewable Resources and Conservation.
  • Land Use Patterns.
  • Tourism Economics.

Articles published in EKO-REGIONAL: Jurnal Pembangunan Ekonomi Wilayah are determined through the blind review process conducted by editors and reviewers. This process considers several factors such as the relevance of the article and its contribution to the development of economics literature as well as compliance with the requirement of published articles. Editor and reviewer provide evaluation and constructive suggestions for the author.

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