The Role Of Tourism Villages In Tourism Development As Promoters Of Rural Economic Sustainability

Shanty Oktavilia, Deky Aji Suseno, Grace Natalia Marpaung, Nurjannah Rahayu Kristansi, Alinda Bashiroh


The covid 19 pandemic caused a massive economic downturn especially to our tourism. In order to rebuild tourism industry, the tourism development paradigm has shifted from quantity-based visitor strategy to quality and sustainability-based visitor strategy such as the strategy we use in tourist villages. Central Java consists of more than 353 tourist villages which still require a lot of improvement and development. This research explains how we are going to rebuild and develop all of these tourism villages. This research uses case study of tourist villages located in Central Java based on its primary data and secondary data. We use participatory interactive workshop BMC method to collect primary data. Our goal is to identify the potentials of these tourist villages through semi-structured interviews with several village stakeholders.  The secondary data we use consist of Village Potential Statistics, Village Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMDes), basic laws / bylaws (AD/ART) of village own enterprises, and other additional documents which are collected from Statistics Indonesia. The indicator we use in this research is Tourism GDP with external audiences to promote the community-based tourism villages through the village development plan. The model output used in this research is Technology Readiness Level (TRL) which can be applied by our local community, government, private sectors, and academics.


Keywords: development plans, tourist villages, sustainability-based visitor strategy.

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