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Christina Tri Setyorini, Dewi Susilowati, Wita Ramadhanti, Yusriyati Nur Farida


Management of village funds as regulated in Permendagri Number 113 Year 2015 has many
dimensions of weakness. Egocentrics of village head as holder of village finance management
authority (PKPKD), as well as incompetence of regency village apparatus and village fund
management policy. Many village do not understand the substance and technical imperatives
of the rule of law and comprehensive guidance in the management of village funds, so that the
understanding of village fund management is limited only to the proposal for disbursement of
village funds, the formulation of the allocation of village funds, and administrative reporting.
This weakness makes the effectiveness of the management of village funds is not as expected.
Village financial training is believed to minimize the problem. The purpose of this study is to
determine the effect of village financial training on the ability of village officials in managing
village funds. The research design is pre-exsperiment type with one group pretest posttest
design. Sampling in this study using simple random sampling method. The sample in this study
amounted to 42 respondents from 20 villages in sub-district of Cilongok. This research was
conducted in April 2017. The average score ofunderstanding ofvillage finances before training
was 5.94 in the less favorable category in village financial management. After being given
training is up to 7.56 and enter the good category. The result of different test of paired t test
between before and after village financial training showed significant difference with p value
0,00(p<0.005). Thus the village financial training can improve the understanding ofthe village
apparatus, then can provide maximum services to the community and also create a good village
Keywords : village fund, village apparatus, pretest, posttest, pre-experiment.

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