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MUSEUM DAN KOMUNIKASI PEMASARAN TERPADU DI ERA EKSPONENSIAL (Studi kasus: Museum Sejarah dan Arkeologi di Provinsi DKI Jakarta)

Endah Widati, Novita Delima Putri, Deta Hidayat


Indonesia has more than 300 museums around nation, either organized by private or
government. Unfortunately, museum has not yet become the first destination when the
holiday comes. Seeing this phenomenon, Indonesian Government was launched Gerakan
National Cinta Museum (GNCM) in 2009. This movement aims at improving the museum’s
visitors and introducing museum as the center of learning and center of local culture
information. As prediction, only few of famous museums had increased their visitors while
the other has not experienced the same. DKI Jakarta as capital city ofIndonesia poses more
than 50 museums. Those museums are organized under private organization, Board of
Tourism DKIJakarta Province and Minister ofEducation and Culture. As mentioned before,
that GNMC program was not run smoothly as planned. This research aims at evaluating the
integrated marketing communication run by the history and archeology museums at DKI
Jakarta Province. This research uses qualitative descriptive approach and literature study
as methodologies. Researchers wish that founding of the research will give any solution to
increase museum’s visitors primarily through integrated marketing communication strategy
in exponential era.
Keywords: Integrated Marketing Communication, Exponential Era, Museum, Marketing

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