Sri Seventi, Heru Agustanto, Ahmad Daerobi, Arum Setyowati


This study aims to obtain a complete and accurate picture concerning the economic feasibility and trading trade of cattle in the NTT region. As a sample of this study taken from 3 regencies in the province of NTT, among others in the district of Timor Tengah Selatan (TTS), Timor Tengah Utara, in Timor, and Bajawa in Flores. Three (3) regions of the district were chosen as a sample of the research area on the grounds that these areas were regions with a portion of the population working as farmers and cattle ranchers.  Their cattle business is done individually (people's farms), and there are several areas that have been managed in groups. In the TTS region there are farmer groups and cattle farmers who are managed by independent farmer groups, in Bajawa, Wolomeze sub-district, Maronggela village there is a ranch managed by a Carmel OCD Monastery.  The research method was carried out by direct observation through focus group discussions with the actors (farmers and breeders, livestock businesses and related agencies).

The results of the study illustrate (1) in terms of the potential economic feasibility of cattle conducted by the average farmers each village that was sampled consisted of 150 households, the largest number was 225 families, the lowest was 125 families. (2) each household has cattle of 4 to 12 cows. (3) from each village able to sell cows as many as 12 to 20 beef cattle. (5) two business groups that focus on cattle farms can sell 20 to 30 cows every month. (6) from the side of the cattle trade trading system up to now it is carried out individually and directly to intermediary traders, or collectors. (8) there are still many cattle markets that are used to meet the local market between villages, between cities and some are sold outside the island (mainly shipped to Kalimantan and Sulawesi). (9). This research can't yet get a more real picture, how much potential cattle in NTT can contribute to supply of cattle for national needs.

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