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Faktor Penghambat Pertumbuhan Usaha Mikro Kecil Menengah (UMKM): Studi di Kabupaten Banyumas

Wiwiek Rabiatul Adawiyah


This study is entitled Factors constraining SMEs’ growth in Banyumas. The purpose of the
study is to investigate the factors that hinder the growth of small business in Banyumas
Regency Indonesia. A survey method was used to gather data from 771 small business owners
and managers located in Banyumas Regency Central Java Indonesia. Descriptive statistics
was used to identify the factors constraing the growth of SMEs in Banyumas Regency
Indonesia. The result of the study revealed that the most common constrains hindering SMEs’
growth are financial support, weak human resources,and limited market access among the
internal factors while the external consist of Business climate, infrastructure and
autonomy.Understanding the factors hindering SMEs’ growth in Banyumas Regency will help
policy makers such as government, private sectors, to design targeted policies and programs
that will actively stimulate innovation, as well a helping those policy makers to support,
encourage and promote SMEs’ for poverty alleviation in Banyumas. For SMEs, this study
offers alternative models to counteract the problem of collateral and lending issues. Strategic
alternatives on how to address issues such as poor management, poor infrastructure, and
corruption are discussed

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