KINERJA BUMDES DALAM MENYERAP TENAGA KERJA (Studi Kasus Pada BUMDes Desa Susukan Kecamatan Sumbang Banyumas)

Lina Rifda Naufalin


The aim of this study is to analyze the performance of BUMDes "Mitra Usaha Makmur" Susukan Village Sumbang District Banyumas Regency in terms of tracking the Susukan village workforce. This research was conducted using descriptive qualitative techniques through in-depth interviews, observation, and data collection in the field of data collection, then analyzed using the Miles and Huberman models. The results of research that show how to manage BUMDes that are able to get good BUMDes performance, also enable them to be able to develop BUMDes business units into a Lazuardi Garden, swimming pool, and student education package that supports the increase in the workforce of the Susukan village community, thereby helping alleviate the use of the Susukan village.

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