MSMEs Survival Strategy Among Pandemic Covid-19 (Study On The Leksana Batik Jaya Kutawaru Cilacap District)

Sisimahwati Sisimahwati, Adi Indrayanto, Devani Laksmi Indyastuti


Background: The Covid-19 pandemic has paralyzed all aspects of life including economic, social and political aspects. Not only paralyzing developed countries, but also developing countries like Indonesia. Indonesia is a country that is dominated by Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) which contribute greatly to the country's economy. The existence of the Covid-19 Pandemic has made the economy unstable so that MSMEs need to use strategies to survive amid the Covid-19 Pandemic. MSMEs Leksana Batik Kutawaru is one of the MSMEs located in Cilacap Regency which is engaged in the fashion sector which raises local wisdom of the local area by lifting mangrove motifs. Purpose: to determine the survival strategy carried out by MSMEs Leksana Batik Jaya Kutawaru amid the Covid-19 Pandemic. Methods: The research method used is qualitative analysis with exploratory steps with participatory observation techniques. Results: the results of the study recommend a survival strategy for MSMEs Leksana Batik Kutawaru is to trade in e-commerce, make product innovations such as making batik cloth into masks, adding services and establishing and optimizing customer marketing relationships.


Keywords: Strategy, Covid-19 Pandemic, MSMEs

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