The Effect Of Service Quality Performance On Patient Experience In Radiological Installations Of Unsoed Purwokerto Oral And Dental Hospital

Puspaningdyah Pramudyanaswari, Lusi Suwandari, Eman Sutrisna


Introduction: In terms of improving quality health service facilities, it is closely related to the service quality performance carried out by medical personnel in hospitals. Service quality performance can provide satisfaction and positive experiences to patients when they use services at the hospital. Patient experience is a core component of the quality of service provided by medical personnel in improving the quality of services at the hospital. Patient experience in improving hospital services can be measured by access, interpersonal communication, continuity and coordination, comprehensiveness of service and trust. Services in the Radiology Installation are very useful for a doctor and patient in making a diagnosis and treatment plan. Purpose: Based on this background, the researcher wanted to know how the service quality performance of the services at the Radiology Installation in improving patient experience. Methodology: The type of this research was descriptive quantitative research. The study population was patients who used the services at the Radiology Installation at the Oral and dental Hospital of Unsoed Purwokerto. The number of research samples was 37 people who were taken using total sampling technique. Data collection in this study was carried out through a questionnaire method that distributed to respondents which contained attributes that were used as indicators (measuring instruments). Results: The results showed that the patient experience based on access, interpersonal communication, comprehensive of service, and trust were in the agree category with the respective percentages as follows 53,4%; 95%; 60,4 % and 58,6%. Meanwhile, services related to continuity and coordination, it was known that the most responses were in the disagree category with a percentage of 51,4%. Conclusion: Of the five indicators of patient experience, almost all respondents agreed with the performance of service quality at the Radiology Installation, Oral and dental Hospital of Unsoed Purwokerto.

Keywords: Service Quality Performance; Patient Experience; Radiology Installation

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