The Role of Influencer Endorsement Support in Sales Success During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Danang Satrio, Muhammad Milzam, Amelsa Pramesti Rima Putri, Muhammad Nadhief Ardianto


The COVID-19 pandemic has completely paralyzed all sectors owned by the state, and the business economy sector is the sector that has the worst affected. This phenomenon makes most of entrepreneur rack their brains to continue doing business without any contact with their customers directly or without visiting their own stores. To stay profitable and get people's attention so that their products can be sold by consumers, they use the services of Influencers in marketing their products. Previous researchers stated that influencers have an influence on customers in the buying process and can change or influence customer motivation in the buying process. Thus, it is important that influencers can help develop the potential of the product so that can cover production costs and can even make a significant profit for entrepreneur.


Keywords: Influencer, Endorsement, Covid-19

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