Multiracial (Subrace Austronesian and Melanesian) Student Perception towards Diversity in Indonesia.

Meutia Karunia Dewi, Rahma Fahira, Suci Indriyati


In recent times, as the number of growth and mobility in the economic sector is rising in Indonesia, the demands of equal higher quality of human resources are also increasing along the way. According to IPM (Indeks Pembangunan Manusia) in 2018, the gap between east island province and west island province score is widening. Nonetheless, the Ministry of Education tries to cut the hole by providing better qualities and equal opportunities in the educational sector since 2012 by launching a Scholarship program for east island province and many 3T students. Hence, this study's goals are to better understand The ADik Scholarship program's whole phenomenon and racial injustice, particularly within the community awardee in some regions in Indonesia. This research uses qualitative methods while using many technics to collect the data and MAXQDA pro-2020 as software to analyze the data's result. Participants in this study selected through purposive sampling. The development of the research was a model about factors that influenced the students' performance.


Keywords: Student, ADik Scholarship, Education, Human Resources, Qualitative Methods

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