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Siti Zulaikha Wulandari


Silence in Bahasa Indonesia translated as diam, kesunyian, kebisuan, kebungkaman or keheningan. Silence definition according to Dyne et al.(2003) is employee motivation to hold to express opinion, information, and idea about developing in things that connected with the performances. In some organization often an individual has a belief that silence is the best way to keep relation and finishing task well. This employee silence phenomenon often looked as natural in organization, so that individual nor organization ignore the negative effect, that usually hidden in a long term. In another side employee silence indeed has benefit like help management in decreasing overload information intensity, decrease personal conflict and increase private information for co-workers. Silence phenomenon in organization need to cautious and has serious attention from organization. This day all organization facing threat of global competition, technology changes and increased of customer’s hope. In order to survive and won the competition, the organization must capable to react with the threat. Then, to survive an organization also need perceptive personnel, not afraid to share information and knowledge. Because of it, organization this day be charged to manage silence that exist in organization activity, which is with decreasing appear of that phenomenon, or decrease the effect that probably appear.

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