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Susilo Toto Raharjo


This research has a purpose that collaboration of supplier – buyer beside giving positive influence for two side and requiring a several condition so the work can make profit for supplier and buyer. Because of it the main problem in this research are determine the factor of success key for supplier – buyer and performance from success key look by the vision of supplier that in this case is small enterprise whose been the supplier for large enterprise that export oriented. Research done with sample about 100 small enterprise in Jepara. But because of the validity requirement, the amount of data that valid are 97 sample. Sampling method used is purposive sampling, with main consideration is furniture small enterprise that supply for export. Analysis method is done by approach Importance Performance Analysis (IPA). Coordination success key in this analysis are (1) Credibility (2) Leader support (3) Ability to fulfill the hope for performance, (4) Clear purpose and (5) Partner compatibility. Result of this research is indicator with the lowest satisfactory level 87,10% which is indicator to commitment to fulfill the promises. Meaning high hope for supplier with this indicator perceived has the lowest performance for buyer. Indicator with highest satisfactory level 98,89 % that showed hope of supplier almost same with buyer performance which is to support daily operational activity indicator. And the average of all indicator satisfactory is 91.37 %. Indicators that exist in A quadrant are always keep promises and for all side need to evaluate performance. Indicators that exist in B quadrant are honesty, able to keep secret, purpose determined by both sides, this cooperation suit with the long term purpose, compatible in work effort, compatible in improving cooperation. Indicators in C quadrant are open minded, daily operational activity support, written cooperation performance, result of cooperation formed together, this cooperation suit with hope of both sides, compatible in developing the corporation. Indicator in D quadrant are high morale and this cooperation suit with corporation’s daily operational activity.

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