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Tati Handayani, Bernadin Dwi M, Nunuk Triwahyuningtyas


The objectives of this research are to acknowledge the perception mapping of the people towards UPN ”Veteran” Jakarta, Gunadharma University, Moestopo University dan Satya Negara Indonesia University that are located in South Jakarta reviewed from the indicator of Location, Promotion, Tuition Fees, Educational quality, Reference, Brand image, and Facility. The amount of sample on this research is up to 360 respondents which are senior high school students around South Jakarta. The analysis technique being used in this research is multivariate analysis technique. This multivariate analysis is connected with statistical method which is equally performing analysis to more than two variables on each private university. To find out the similarity between private universities can be done with Multi Dimensional Scaling (MDS) and Correspondence Analysis (CA) to discover the excellence of each variable on every private university. In this research both analysis tools are being used and completed each other, because MDS and CA are both producing an out put which is perceptual map than can draw the Position of UPN “Veteran” Jakarta and its competitor. Though MDS and CA, both are expected to get on information about the Positioning of UPN “Veteran” Jakarta as Private University, also the preference of variable exellence that UPN “Veteran” Jakarta has. This information will be made as platform in defining the marketing strategy which can be implemented on UPN “Veteran” Jakarta to strengthen its positioning based on variables that are owned by private university.

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