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Ade Banani


Porter comes up with the question: why do some social groups, economics institutions, and nations advance and prosper? This becomes a magnet for writers, companies, and consultants to understand what factors had by companies in terms of a competitive advantage and how it can be enhanced. To answer the question above we have to begin by understanding the meaning of competition as term having much meaning for economic prosperity a nation. The principal economic goal of nation is to produce and raise standard of living for its citizens. The ability to do so depend not on an idea of competition itself but also on the productivity involving a nation’s resources (labor and capital) is employed.
By emerging and existing globalization, the competition has been an international issue. Thus, companies have to compete tightly with other companies selling their products and employing resource of component in and from worldwide. As a result, if we want to keep our company survives in the long-term period, understanding sustainable competitive advantage is a must.

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