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Dhian Tyas Untari


One of the problems in some developing countries such as Indonesia is the growth of population and the large number of people on high productivity who are not proportional to the amount of labor absorption, while on the other hand the needs of life always increasing time after time. The problem pursing the question of how people can get their needs but not depend on the amount of absorption of labor and how people can create their own businesses could even create jobs for other people.
Increasing of entrepreneur activity lead on the exploitation of existing resources and the exploitation is likely damage the existing ecology. Thus there is a discrepancy between entrepreneur activity and concept of sustainable development. That’s way we need a concept that can bridge a gap between the entrepreneur activity with the concept of sustainable development.
This is a conceptual paper that based on a literature review and assessment of secondary data. And this paper is expected to recommend a concept of ecopreneurship and can form an understanding that a entrepreneur activity should also pay attention to aspects of sustainability both in terms of ecological, economic and social.

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