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Nurul Anwar


Theoretically both classical theory, neo classic or modern has been very clear that the
investment is a very important element in the economy of a country, therefore the investment
desperately needed to revive the economy. Only problem is when it can be seen and felt that
such investments have an impact on the economy? The purpose of this paper is to provide an
explanation regarding the application of the theory in the performance of investment so that
the known impact of the investment on the economy Indonesia.
The approach used in this paper is comparing between theoretical and practical content that
happened in Indonesia related to administration and practical in the field. Discussion of more
emphasis on investment in real sector either foreign investment (PMA) or domestic investment
(PMDN) and exclude portfolio investment.
The conclusion of this paper is that there has been misguided in analyzing and evaluating the
impact and effect of the investment on the economy. An error occurred in the data connect
between technical investment data economy resulting in less clarity and understanding of
recording such data. Thus the implication is not true and if it is used as a material
consideration of investment-related policy making could be mistaken.

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