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Abdul Aziz Ahmad, Rakhmat Priyono


Agro industry sector has high potency to develop and it contributes to generate important socio economic impact to increase society income and economic growth. Determined 14% local employments in many countries has constituted to active role in agro industry processing. In specific region, Banyumas Regency, the sector has significant role. In the local area, the development of agro industry is related to the development of creative industry, and also to society empowering through exertion in micro and little enterprises. With the high potency of farming sector in Banyumas Regency to produce food material and other kind of farming output, the development of agro industry in Banyumas has been expected to raise the economic value added from farming output to many kinds of manufacturing commodities. However, in developing agro industry sector in Banyumas, some obstacle has been detectable. Lower degree of industrial absorption on using local farming output has shown that the local agro industry is completely afforded. To explain the agro industry prospect in Banyumas, this research use trend and typological analyses to form potencies and clustering mapping. It is useful to show the potency and cluster identification of agro industry. From the mapping, it shows that some region clustered on superiority in some agro industry commodities. This research identifies that the most important obstacle on the effort to develop agro industry in Banyumas Regency are related to the availability of raw material. Mismatch of local raw material to manufacturing requirement to produce expected output shows that the utilization of farming output is not optimal to push agro industry sector in Banyumas. It is therefore local government have to strive harder to develop farming sector further and also push investment in agro industry and the farming sector.

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