Website Development of Accreditation Information System in Higher Education

Adi Indrayanto, Lina Rifda Naufalin, Aldila Krisnaresani, Jaryono -, Aldila Dinanti


The problem regarding archives that are often experienced when preparing for study program accreditation is that many documents cannot be recovered, so they have to create new documents to replace lost documents. These problems are always repeated so that the accreditation committee has to lose a lot of time to make documents that should already exist. Previous research has succeeded in producing a description of the needs that support the archival system to be built and creating an archival system design that can guarantee the availability of information for study programs and departments related to data that supports accreditation. Next stage of research is the stage of developing an archive management system. This research was conducted at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Jenderal Sudirman University. Research and development adapt the Borg & Gall model and prototype model in software development. The software development method begins with requirements analysis, development design, flowchart design, implementation, and testing. As a result, an accreditation information system website was developed based on the Study Program Accreditation Instrument, which consists of nine university accreditation standards.

Keywords: Archive, Digital, Accreditation

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