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Yulita Dwi Ayu Permatasari, Abdurrahman


Investment intentions can be influenced by internal and external factors including investor any investor who is a civil servant, Internal and External Factors which may affect Intention Invest Investing is the attitude and subjective norm. This study aims to determine how the investment period, investment interest, investment knowledge, the economic situation, the attitude in the face of the risks of investing and subjective norms affect the investment intentions and which are the most dominant factors in influencing Investment Intentions. Methods of data collection in this study using a questionnaire, sampling technique using quota sampling method with a sample size of 100 respondents. In testing, some statistical tests used include classical assumption test and multiple linear regression. These results indicate that the Investment Term, Economic Situation, faced Risk Attitudes and subjective norms did not affect the investment intentions on investors who works as a civil servant. While the Investment Interest and Investment Knowledge Investment intentions have an influence on the investor who worked as a civil servant. And the most dominant factor affecting intention is Investment Knowledge Investment.

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