Physical Fitness and Entrepreneurship Trainings : Improvement of Female Workers Motivation in North Purwokerto

Ekaningtyas Widiastuti, Suryanto Suryanto


The purpose of this study was to improve knowledge of entrepreneurship and physical fitness so that it can increase work motivation. This research is a research that gives treatments to the respondents to the trainings that used cross sectional approach. The population was the female workers around Unsoed Purwokerto. This research focused on safety behavior approach. The interventions involved safety behavior trainings about entrepreneurship, physical fitness and work motivation. The participants had training physical fitness exercises for four times meetings directly. The evaluation instruments used pre and post questionnaires, observation sheets and advocacy sheets.

The trainings were conducted to 38 participants. From the respondent characteristics, there were 29 people (76.3%) that had a family background as entrepreneurs and 9 people (23.7%) did not have a family background as entrepreneurs. Most of the participants had graduated from secondary education, 17 people (44.7%), higher education 5 people (13.2%) and 5 participants did not have exercise regularly (13.2%). After the trainings, there was an increase of knowledge about entrepreneurship, physical fitness and work motivation. The participants felt some improvements in their body freshness and physical fitness. Entrepreneurial efforts were undertaken by the participants that had family background as entrepreneurs and other reasons (economic reasons and meeting family needs). Trainings could change participants' knowledge about entrepreneurship, physical fitness and work motivation.

Keywords: Physical Fitness, Entrepreneurship, Work Motivation.

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