The Mediating Role Of Trust, Brand Image, And Brand Awareness Of The Effect Of Social Media Marketing On Purchase Intention

Sellyna Afwa Mukhsoni, Nur Choirul Afif, Lusi Suwandari


This study aims to determine how the influence of social media marketing on the purchase intention of shopeefood service users in Purwokerto with trust, brand image and brand awareness as mediating variables. The analytical tool in this study uses the Partial Least Square (PLS) approach using SmartPLS software. Sampling using purposive sampling technique. The data collection method in this study was using a closed questionnaire via google form to 160 respondents. The results of this study indicate that the variables of social media marketing, trust, and brand image have a positive effect on purchase intention while brand awareness has no effect on purchase intention. The results of this study also found that trust and brand image play a role in mediating the relationship between social media marketing and purchase intention. Meanwhile, the brand awareness variable does not play a role in mediating the relationship between social media marketing and purchase intention.

Keywords: Social Media Marketing, Trust, Brand Image, Brand Awareness, Purchase Intention.

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