Elma Ayu Mareta, Ratno Purnomo, Ade Irma Anggraeni


This research was conducted with the aim of knowing job satisfaction and work engagement to organizational citizenship behavior. This research was conducted at a senior high school located in Ketanggungan District, Brebes Regency with a population of 80. Using the Slovin formula, a sample of 67 respondent was obtained. This research uses the method probability sampling by type simple random sampling, where the population as the sample of this study. The source of data used in this study is primary data collected using a closed questionnaire technique. The data analysis technique used in this study is a multiple linear regression analysis equation model. The result of this study indicate that job satisfaction has a significant effect on organizational citizenship behavior, as well as work engagement has a significant effect on organizational citizenship behavior. Thus the first hypothesis and the second hypothesis are statistically accepted.


Keywords: Job Satisfaction; Work Engagement; Organizational Citizenship Behavior

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