Development of the Internship Program Database System for Unsoed Management Department

Intan Shaferi, Alisa Tri Nawarini, Rio Dhani Laksana, Refius Pradipta Setyanto, Dian Purnomo Jati


The database is very necessary to find out the data of students who are doing their internships or completed to facilitate the process of data collection and assessment of individual student conversions. The more students who do internships, the better because students will gain experience in the world of practitioners, but on the other hand, an efficient student information system will be needed to support it. This research contributes to the development of a database system to synergize the MBKM internship program and other internships. This research will be made qualitatively with the method of interview structure both students and institution. FGD of students using secondary data and after that a data processing system will be made. Then next stage is how to develop the database system that integrated with the programs.


Keywords: Database System, Model Development, Study Program Development

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