Factors influence consumer intention for continuous uses of herbal medicine as an alternative way of diseases treatment and a healthy lifestyle in Indonesia

Mohammed Elfadil, Rahab Rahab, Lusi Suwandari


This research paper aims to explore the satisfaction, social influence, health benefits and time of use influencing consumer intentions to continuously use herbal medicine as an alternative way of disease treatment and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This research used, Theory of planned behavior (TPB) perspective to explain research phenomena. This study uses a quantitative approach. This study was done, survey method to collect data on consumers who have used herbal medicine for medicinal purposes. The samples used were 150 respondents. Sampling is done by a purposive sampling technique. Data was processed and analyzed by SPSS as analytical tools. This study shows that satisfaction, health benefits, social influence and time of use are factors which impact on continuous intention to consume herbal medicine. The findings of this research can contribute to a better understanding of consumer behavior towards herbal medicine, enabling healthcare practitioners and policymakers to develop targeted strategies for promoting herbal medicine usages.

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