Analysis Of The Effect Of Design With Lifestyle As A Moderating Variable On Purchasing Decisions For Electric Motorbikes In Purwokerto

Dimas Arsilo Dwikisaputra, Suliyanto Suliyanto, Ary Yunanto


This study aims to examine the effect of electric motorcycle design and consumer lifestyle as moderating variables on purchasing decisions in Purwokerto. Informasi was collected through a survey conducted on consumers World Health Organization are considering or have purchased an electric motorcycle. Regression analysis was used to identify the effect of design on purchasing decisions and the role of lifestyle in moderating this relationship. The results show that design attributes significantly influence the purchase decision of an electric motorcycle, and lifestyle acts as a significant moderating variable linking design with purchase decision. The implication is that manufacturers and marketers should focus on attractive designs that align with consumers'. lifestyles to increase purchase intentions, while considering lifestyle as a key factor in developing customized marketing strategies. However, this study is limited by its geographical coverage, restricted to Purwokerto, and the potential exclusion of other factors that influence purchase decisions. Future research should expand its geographic coverage and include additional variables for a more comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior in electric motorcycle purchasing decisions. Overall, this study provides insight into the complex relationship between design, lifestyle, and purchase decisions of electric motorcycles, which offers practical implications for industry practitioners and researchers. The results of the research will be explained further in this paper.

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