The Influence of Customer Engagement As A Mediating Variable In The Causal Relationship Between Content Marketing And Purchase Intention On The TikTok Platform

Nur Faiqoh Laely Ambarwati, Sri Murni Setyawati, Weni Novandari


In the era of Industry 4.0, where digitalization propels the rapid growth of marketing through content media (Content Marketing), it is imperative to investigate the extent of influence exerted by Customer Engagement on Purchase Intention within the TikTok platform. This study provides a theoretical framework for delving into the mediating role of Customer Engagement, which establishes a connective thread between Content Marketing and Purchase Intention. The research method employed in this study is a quantitative survey approach. The sample for this research comprises TikTok platform users from across Indonesia, with a total of 120 participants. The data analysis techniques used include Simple Linear Regression Analysis and Regression Analysis of Mediating Variable, all conducted using IBM SPSS Statistics version 25. The results showed that Content Marketing has positive effect on Purchase Intention, Content Marketing has positive effect on Customer Engagement, Customer Engagement has positive effect on Purchase Intention and Customer Engagement can mediate Content Marketing on Purchase Intention both directly or indirectly.

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